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Top 10 Things to See + Do in Serifos, Greece

Modest and laid-back, Serifos is an ideal destination for visitors wishing to take a breath away from their hectic lives, offering 72+ beautiful beaches to choose from and being relatively free of excessive tourism.

For those visitors wishing to be immersed in Greek island life, Serifos has quaint little villages to explore, with their charming white-washed houses, narrow island lanes and relaxed atmosphere. Travelers can go on hikes around the island, taking in the beauty of the uncluttered landscape or they can unwind on one of the island’s 72 beaches. If they’re feeling more adventurous, they can dive into cobalt blue waters and visit a Spanish shipwreck.

There are mines to visit, the island’s first winery, where you can taste delectable local wines, and, for the more creative, Kerameio ceramic studio, where visitors older and younger can have fun discovering the joys of pottery making. With its tranquil ambiance, travelers will enjoy the island’s local delicacies, such as marathotiganites (fennel fritters), xinomizithra (a local cheese), louza (pork sausage) and pastaki Serifou (a chocolate pudding).

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Pelion: the mountain of the Gods

Pelion: heavenly beaches, dense forests, traditional villages, outdoor sports, ski slopes in winter; Pelion is a place for all seasons !

To one side, the Pagasitikos Gulf and, to the other, the Aegean. In between, a magical mountain to discover by the name of Pelion!

Water gurgles in the fountains. Sunbeams stream through the leaves of the plane trees, apple trees, oaks, fir, chestnut, beeches, gardenias, hydrangeas, camelias and colourful wild flowersNature flourishes in the fertile soil of Thessaly. In the autumn, a surreal palette of orange and red unfolds before you. Pathways, old churches, beaches with turquoise water, all add to this multi-coloured assemblage. Up high, Pelion traditional villages – perched along the dense green mountainsides or boarding the seaside – teeter on the edge of mountain and water.

Welcome to magnificent Pelion !

Portaria is one of the most ”cosmopolitan” villages. Situated at the foot of the mountain, it is the first village one gets to from Volos. Its popularity as a travel destination and its accompanying cosmopolitanism spring from its vicinity both to a skiing resort and also to the sea. Check out beautiful ARTistic House in Katichori, 2km from Portaria.

Papa Nero/Agios Ioannis is one of the most famous beaches in Pelion, offering a choice of sand or white pebbles to go with the turquoise water. Check out elegant Villa Azalea, Villa Kamelia & Villa Manolia, just a 2 min walk right over Papa Nero beach.

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ITHAKA – or the meaning of life – by C.P. Cavafy in a beatiful cartoon !

Poem Ithaka by K. Kavafis in cartoon

The real meaning of life unfolds in a few turns in the famous poem of the Egyptiot Greek poet C.P. Cavafy. A masterpiece of world literature transformed into a comic strip.

Australian cartoonist Gavin Aug Than transforms, with his magic pencils, the poem Ithaka of renowed Greek poet C.P. Cavafy in a vivid, illustrated story. The myth of Odysseus’ adventures serves as the basis for the most famous “travel” poem of C.P. Cavafy, a masterpiece of world literature, unfolding in a few turns the real meaning of life. C.P. Cavafy speaking about Ithaka, said: “The meaning of this poem is simple and clear. Man in his life seeks a purpose “Ithaka”, acquires experience, knowledge and sometimes goods superior to his own purpose. After time, when he reaches the end of his efforts, he finds Ithaka poor, below his expectations. However, Ithaka did not fool him.”

Greece: top country to visit in 2020

‘Fun’, ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Recreation’. These three words were the top ones used by travelers in the Netherlands to describe Greece, but our country, with such varied landscapes, rich ancient history and colorful traditions, long sandy beaches, sapphire waters, awe-inspiring mountains, mouth-watering food, buzzing nightlife and ever-shining sun, cannot be limited to only three words, so, it is no wonder that Greece is also Insider’s No. 1 Country To Visit In 2020:

The Incredible Balance of Kea island, Greece

Within a stone’s throw away from Attica – just an hour with the ferry – tranquil and beguiling Kea (or Tzia) is the perfect destination for travellers wishing to escape the heat of summer and relax.

Kea’s unique and diverse sceneries offer a plethora of unparalleled beauty; from clear crystal waters, sandy beaches and wild rugged cliffs, simple traditional farmhouses, to olive groves and oak forests, one feels uniquely connected with nature’s bounty.

The island has a rather mountainous relief with its interior being quite green with small valleys with fruit and oak trees. Kea has very interesting ancient history, as its first archeological traces go back to 4th millenium BC; the visitor has the opportunity to admire small temples of Athena and Apollo.

Kea’s capital, Ioulida, rests in the middle of the island, seems to be spilling down the hillside, its picturesque little houses nestled closely together. Travelers can meander through the town’s winding streets and discover delicious local food, as well as visit the island’s small but wonderful archaeological museum. Ioulida is definitely a gem worth visiting, as are many of the island’s other quaint little villages.

Most famous beaches include Otzias and Vourkari in the northern part, whereas in the west the beaches of Koundouros and Pisses are the ones attracting most of the vacationers. Smaller, secluded, non-organized beaches can be found along the coastline, offering plenty of opportunities for swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling.

While on the island don’t miss the archaic, smiling, schist-carved lion of Kea, reclining proudly on a hillside overlooking the sea close to Ioulida. Also do enjoy the local cuisine; due to the prevalence of Greek visitors, the food, especially the seafood, is good, local and fresh.

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How to make succulent Cretan Ntakos

Now that we are staying #safe at home, it is an opportunity to treat ourselves with some succulent Cretan Ntakos !

All you need is: rusks, tomatoes, feta cheese*, olive oil & some seasoning (dried basil and oregano).
[* or some subsitute white cheese, which you will find more easily]

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